Infinite Warfare How EASY is Call of Duty? (General Multiplayer Tips)

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    So, it is pretty obvious that CoD multiplayer has gotten easier over the years, especially during mid and late release when a lot of veterans have already reached max prestige and unlocks and have gotten bored of the game just to pick it back up every once in a while. The main thing, of course, is adapting to and learning the maps. Without knowing the maps, you cannot become a "good" player. Fortunately the maps are quick to learn and if you have good first person shooter skills to begin with, you will not need to know the maps like the back of your hand, as you can apply good skills and intuition to overcome any new environment. What this thread will focus on is general, important and very useful tips for Call of Duty. Small, but necessary, tricks and tips that will make you a better player. This is a minor list that I've started and it is encouraged that everybody contributes their suggestions and advice below. What we should aim for is one big mega thread full of good tips that everybody, even experienced players, can add to their skill set and progress further in Call of Duty.

    #1. Always walk with your crosshairs aimed directly straight in front of you. For new players, they tend to walk and sprint with their crosshairs aimed towards the ground. Even though this may not sound like a very big deal, but it is. If your crosshairs aren't aimed directly in front of you, you will have to take an extra second to aim up and at your enemy in order to fire directly at him. If you are already walking straight with your gun pointed directly in front of you, you can kill your enemy with superior reaction time.

    #2. Concussions, flashbangs, and shock charges for enemies posted/camped in corners and isolated rooms. If you know somebody is camping and they are ready for you, meaning they know you are coming, do not walk into the area without first deploying a tactical grenade. You will temporarily blind them and have the advantage. Be warned, however, many people will start open firing in the direction of the entrance so if you have to, wait until they are done open firing and enter the area then, mostly likely when they're reloading. But you could hit them with two tactical grenades for maximum effect.

    #3. Always reload after a gunfight. After you win a gunfight, the first thing you should do is crouch or take cover, and reload. Never, EVER leave the scene of a successful gun fight with a half or 1/4 magazine. You will put yourself at a huge disadvantage if you are surprised by a new enemy. It's a great habit to form.

    These are my 3 minor tips for the original thread. I will post more below as I think of them. I don't want to fill the first post with a bunch of miscellaneous FPS tips. :p But please, post your best Call of Duty tips and advice below! Thanks.