Black Ops 3 09/13/16 - New Black Ops 3 "Black Market" Melee Weapons & More

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    If you have played Black Ops 3 today, you should be familiar with the new popup that notifies you of new Black Market items, two of which are melee blades, and the others specialists gear and taunts. The new melee weapons are the Ace of Spades and Path of Sorrows.

    Ace of Spades

    Path of Sorrows - The katana of Takeo Masaki, a playable and important storyline character in Zombies, included in World at War, Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and Black Ops 2.


    These items are all on the Black Market. The Black Market operates with two sets of supply drops: Common Supply Drop or Rare Supply Drop. The currency used to purchase a Common Supply Drop is Cryptokeys, which costs 10 Cryptokeys. Cryptokeys can be earned by playing multiplayer matches and completing Contracts. The other form of currency, CoD Points, can be bought with real cash and used to purchase Rare Supply Drops. Rare Supply Drops can be purchased with either CoD Points or Cryptokeys. One Rare Supply Drop costs 30 Cryptokeys which is equivalent to 200 CoD Points which is equivalent to $1.99. So $2 for one Rare Supply Drop. All melee weapons besides the Combat Knife (unlocked at Level 40) are unlocked via Supply Drops.

    Thank you for reading! :) What do you think of these new weapons? I don't buy CoD Points so I have to unlock the Supply Drops legitimately, by playing multiplayer which I find fun anyway and earning enough Cryptokeys. I'd like to have the Path of Sorrows, however. ;)

    Credit to Charlie Intel for the two images used!